LONGBOAT Enterprises


Longboat Enterprises’ founder and CEO Bruce Weiner and his wife Susan believe in “solution-based” philanthropy and supporting civic responsibility that will have a positive impact on the community. Traditionally, their philanthropic profile has been low-key and they have been the “unsung heroes” behind many projects, including the saving of the local Sharpsburg Library and underwriting an after-school program at Pittsburgh’s Jewish Community Center for children and families in need. As with Longboat’s businesses, Bruce often leverages his expertise and strategic skills to provide community support.

The couple is responsible for founding two Pittsburgh-based non-profit organizations, The Weiner Family Foundation and Tickets for Kids (TFK) Charities.

As a family-run non-profit organization, The Weiner Family Foundation provides funding to various local charities with an emphasis on children, cultural events, education and the Jewish community.

Disheartened at seeing empty seats at many of the city’s cultural, sporting and entertainment events, the Weiners started Tickets for Kids Charities in 1994. The non-profit’s mission is to enrich the lives of low-income and at-risk children and their families, for whom the cost of admission is prohibitive, through inclusion in a variety of activities and events that are a source of both entertainment and inspiration. Since its inception, TFK has facilitated more than 2.6 million opportunities for children and families across the U.S.